Blog Three, June 28th, 2016

Wine Consultation

Hello my Fellow Wine Jewels,

What a busy time we've had over the last little while! Fundraising in the community, winning a bronze medal for making great wine, throwing a party to thank our awesome customers and more, has us looking forward to the Canada Day long weekend with great anticipation! I bet many of you are in the same boat and are probably extra busy this week with preparations. I sure hope it all goes smoothly and that you have a great weekend.

If you're out and about doing some shopping, I'd like to encourage you to shop local whenever you can. As some of you will already know, we at Jewel like to support the fundraising efforts of local community groups and organizations. I feel that local businesses have a unique opportunity and responsibility to support locally driven initiatives, so we all benefit from a healthier and stronger community.

At the recent Junior Achievement fundraiser in Peterborough, a number of local businesses were honoured for their exceptional success and for how active they have been in the community. These business owners really see the importance of community involvement and have reached out more and more as their businesses grew. But no business can be active in the community without their customers. Customers keep local business alive and we thank you for it! In fact your community thanks you for it! Think of a 'Shop Loca' campaign as a 'Support Your Community' campaign. Choosing, wherever possible, to buy from a locally owned business is an investment in local economy and in local community. How about this as a new slogan: 'Local Business Supports Community, so Support Local Business!'?

It is almost Canada Day, so raise a glass to this lovely country of ours, and get out there and enjoy your community!

Cheers, Jordon

"You only live once. But if you do it with good cheese and a decent wine, once is enough."